Made In America

Decades ago, there was a thriving optical frame manufacturing industry in the US. During the late 20th century, frame production moved offshore. As a result, 95% of the frames sold in the United States are imported. As a group of optical industry veterans, when we initially started selling frames, we did what everyone else did. We ordered and shipped frames from eyeglass factories over 7000 miles away in China. New designs 9 months to a year to arrive. Re-orders took at least 8-months. Quality control was hands-off. It was difficult being passionate about a product when you’re disconnected from the manufacturing process.

So we decided to do it the right way. Manufacturing glasses in America was more than just buying the right equipment. It was about building a team, controlling quality, and innovating the once thriving U.S. optical industry. We’re proud of our results and are excited to share them with you. Checkout below to learn more about how exactly we make our frames, step by step. 


Being able to design our own frames is one of the best parts of owning our own frame factory.


Our frame designs begin with a conceptual sketch that is put into a three-dimensional CAD model.


Once the basic design is finalized, the drawing is readied for CNC machine production.  Specific tool paths are created to automate the cutting of the frame.


Throughout this process, we use a special machine that is designed only for prototyping.  We create sample frames that are identical to the frame that will eventually go into production.


We make adjustments to each prototype and once we’re 100% satisfied, it’s time to pick acetate colors and move into full production.


High tech 5-axis CNC machines cut the acetate sheets into their frame shape.


We insert hinges into the frame fronts and core wires into the temples.


Cut pieces are tumbled in wood pegs and polishing compounds using a 4-step, 80-hour process.  The pieces come out of the tumblers read for assembly and a final polish.

IMG_2599 (1)

We polish each frame by hand, ensuring a perfect luster finish.

The labeling on all of our frames is laser engraved and then hand painted by a member of our team.

The fully assembled frames then go to our lens lab where the lenses are cut and inserted into the frame.

Frames are given a final inspection, before being cleaned, packaged, and ready to ship.