Optical Lab

Quality lens work is essential to making a great pair of glasses.  As eyewear industry professionals, we only trust our own finishing lab. It’s located right across the hall from the factory. (Like we’ve said, we’re proud to make everything here!) We don’t ship our glasses to anyone else before they get to you. Our in-house lab edges and inserts every pair of lenses into the specific frame you have ordered. How do we do this? 

One of our optical technicians receives your order.  They use one of the many lens machines (we have over 7!) in our lab to precision trace each lens, making sure it’s properly shaped. We bevel each lens to precisely fit within the groove of the frame. We also triple check to make sure that the base curve of the lenses match the base curve of the frame. This prevents the lens from deforming the shape of the frame in any way. Before sending the frame back to quality control, one of our on-staff opticians cleans the lens and inspects it for any possible imperfections. Then it’s almost ready to ship to you!

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